How to get rid of mold in garbage disposal?

Mold is a kind of fungus that grows mostly on organic materials such as food, it also appears due to humidity and air exposure, and most molds come from improper storing of foods for long periods.

If you are engaged in environment protection, then you are already using several kind of recycling containers or a garbage disposal. Mold is nature, so don`t panic if you saw it, it is one of the nature`s process that effects organic things, usually you can find it grows on the sides or edges of the container or garbage disposal, also it can be within the pipes of the disposal.

Mold can be identified in various colors depends on the original organic material, and also it depends on its process` timeline, it can be white, brown, green, orange, or black.

Mold can cause enough harm to humans or living creatures, as it has toxic components which effect the health of most living ones, also one of its present effects is the bad smell, your kitchen can become smelly on as short period.

Getting rid of mold is not hard as it sounds, although you should always wear gloves when you clear it, and to have some kind of sterilization after finishing the operation, it is for your own good health.

When you keep your container or garbage disposal clean on a period basis, you will be less exposed to mold and its effects, also some studies show that certain kinds of mold can be very effective on the material itself on the long run, as it can cause sagging and melting.

In this article we will express a practical solution to get rid of the mold problem…

- Getting mold out efficiently:

There are two ways to clean up a garbage disposal, the first easy one is to use a drain cleaning product, and of course we recommend to use a safe product for your health.

The second one is to do it manually by making a small un-harmful chemical reaction, which will do the trick, also make sure to wear a glove during the process, you will need:
  1. Backing Soda / white vinegar (normal concentration) / boiling water / sanitizer / crushed ice / and lemon pieces.
  2. Put the crushed ice into the sink, this will melt grease elements effectively, leave it until the ice is melt, and flush it with some ordinary water.
  3. Put in a half cup of backing soda, then a full cup of white vinegar, you will hear some fizzy sounds, as this is the sound of chemical reaction, and leave it for a while.
  4. Pour in the boiled water to make sure all the elements are gone through the pipes, leave it for a shorter while.
  5. Get lemon pieces and wipe with it the surface of the basin, squeeze some juice from lemon pieces into the sink, leave it for a while, and then pour on ordinary water.
  6. Clean your hands with a sanitizer to make sure your hands are clean from germs and bacteria, and you can wash the basin`s surface with some sanitizer too, also do not forget to wash the gloves.
You will notice the good smell, and your garbage disposal finally became clean, try to repeat this process at least on a weekly basis.

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