How To Kill Black Mold

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Black mold can cause a variety of health problems if you have prolonged exposure to the chemicals released when black mold is feasting on the surfaces in your house.  It is important to try and kill black mold as soon as you discover it, before it can spread and cause more issues.  Here are some tips on how to kill black mold, commonly just referred to as toxic mold or mildew.

The first tip is to NOT use bleach.  Many people think that bleach can both get rid of the black mold color as well as kill the mold.  It does get rid of the color, but that can cause even bigger problems for you.  That is because while the mold won’t show up as black anymore, bleach doesn’t kill the mold at the root, and so it continues to spread.  While bleach is a common household item that doesn’t cause you to spend any more money to try and treat the mold problem, it is not the best way to go about it.

There are specific products that can be found in the cleaning supplies area of your favorite store.  Near the other cleaning solutions, you can find products that are specifically made for black mold removal.  Make sure to follow all instructions on the cleaning product to ensure that you keep yourself and your family safe when trying to clean the mold.  If done improperly, or incompletely, you continue to keep your family at risk for the many health issues that come from black mold exposure.  If the first product you buy doesn’t do the trick, then definitely try another product.

If you have tried a few store-bought products for black mold removal and they aren’t helping, then you should definitely call a professional to help you in the process of removing black mold.  They can properly assess the extent of the problem, as well as being able to offer a guarantee of the removal of black mold in your house.

Prevention is the best way to ensure that black mold does not return. Make sure that areas that accumulate moisture are ventilated properly, and that you take any measures to reduce moisture accumulation.  Running you fan while in the shower and for around 15 or 20 minutes after the shower is recommended.  Using a dehumidifier is another way to reduce the moisture in some areas.  Make sure that you open up your blinds and curtains at leats every other day so that moisture does not accumulate on the windows.

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